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Thought affords the sole method of escape from purely impulsive or purely routine action. A being without capacity for thought is moved only by instincts and appetites, as these are called forth by outward conditions and by the inner state of the organism. A being thus moved is, as it were, pushed from behind. This is what we mean by the blind nature of brute actions. The agent does not see or foresee the end for which he is acting, nor the results produced by his behaving in one way rather than in another.  The Kings rode double-decker buses and flatbed trucks in a parade through the city center, moving slowly up Figueroa Street past thousands of roaring fans. Brown and playoff MVPJonathan Quick then raised the Cup outside Staples Center, where the Kings completed their 16-4 rampage through the postseason on Monday night by eliminating the New Jersey Devils.  More filler text.